Executive Committee
John S. Caragozian, Chair
Stephanie Jeffers
Arnie Berghoff
Bill Canup
Alan F. Charles
Joseph Cislowski
Robert J. Geoghegan
Dr. Jeffrey B. Lewis
William B. Parent
Mary E. Ries
Jeffrey A. Seymour
Belinda Sunnu
The Honorable Rick Tuttle
Howard Welinsky

Honorary Committee
Dr. Scott Bollens
Dr. Ross Bollens
Dr. Albert Carnesale, Chancellor Emeritus
The Honorable Michael Dukakis
Harry Hufford
Richard Lawrence
Dr. Michael F. Lofchie
Ralph M. Ochoa
Ray Remy
Jim Ries
Rita Ries
Dr. Ronald Rogowski
Loren Rothschild
Dr. David O. Sears
Roger Steiner
Dr. Scott Waugh
The Honorable Zev Yaroslavsky
Dr. Charles E. Young, Chancellor Emeritus